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Top 5 Home Renovation Shows to Watch Before Flipping Your House
Top 5 Home Renovation Shows to Watch Before Flipping Your House

Aside from movies and documentaries, home renovation shows make TV’s useful. While they’re entertaining, these shows keep our minds thinking and hearts inspired on getting improvement projects for our abodes.

Here are five shows that can help you get well-informed decisions on your home remodeling projects.

1. Fixer Upper


HGTV feature’s Texas’ home flipping couple Chip and JoAnn. They’ve remodeled more than 100 houses in their careers, and their works have aired since 2013. This husband-and-wife tandem has encouraged families to purchase old residential properties, which later improved with their construction and designing skills. We’re still waiting for Season 4 this year, though.

2. Flipping Vegas


Another married couple who renovated houses on TV, Flipping Vegas has aired three seasons on A&E since 2011 and another two seasons on FYI. It was fun to watch the tension between Amy and Scott Yancey on their budget issues. Amy wants higher end designs while Scott wants otherwise. Overall, their reconstruction and interior designs were inspiring.

3. Property Brothers


Imagine having identical twins making your dream house come true on a tight budget and within a short span of days. Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott take your property to a different level. This show is aired in the United States and Canada inspiring more people.

4. This Old House


Nothing beats a true remodeling show. With its first season aired in 1979, there’s no doubt that This Old House is one of the originals. This show goes directly with the how-tos of any remodeling project.

5. Zombie House Flipping


A team of four friends scours zombie houses within Orlando for a renovation project. The cast claims that this is reality television and that they have been friends before airing, making the show appeal more to the public.

These are my personal favorites.