5 Best Hand Tools Every Handyman Should Own
5 Best Hand Tools Every Handyman Should Own

I admire each and every handyman who can easily get a job done with the right tools. Let’s face it, anyone who’s not that gifted, trained or exposed to DIY projects gets this all the time – some construction envy. Watch all those house flipping shows in a marathon, and you’ll sense either some spite or inspiration.

If you’re wondering if there’s a handyman in you and would like to start building on your own, training and proper tools are must-haves. Here are the five power tools that you should have on hand.

#1 – Drill

Try DeWalt, Bosch or Makita. Well, the market has a full range of brands for this tool. Who’s to blame? There’s business in making and having this powerful tool.

#2 – Circular Saw

Nothing beats a circular saw in making carpentry work efficient and top quality. If matched with training and skill, you can create almost anything you can imagine – tables, chairs, cabinets and wardrobes among others.

#3 – Angle Grinder

If there’s another power tool worth having, it’s an angle grinder. It helps any handyman do intricate cuts with the best tricks and the right blades. Go diamond, metal, or Mason, and you should be able to shape virtually anything you’d like.

#4 – Reciprocating Saw

There are instances when things should be taken down. In some of these cases, this power tool could be very useful with its ability to cut through metal, wood, plastic, or other material causing interference.

#5 – A Variable Speed Rotary Tool

All right, you may try Dremel. Handymen find it easier to work on things with this tool, despite having several attachments. Why? These accessories make the rotary tool powerful and efficient.

There you have the five power tools that make power handymen.