a1As a licensed state contractor for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects, Team Hill Construction has served the Tenessee area for a few years now, long before the creation of this website.

We take pride in our progress as a company, regarding our number of employees and scope of what we do. With THC, there’s no job big or small. We’ve practiced our craft so well; we can take anything from minor home projects to any commercial space imaginable.

Why Us?

  • The state of Tennessee has authorized Team Hill Construction for commercial, industrial and residential projects, in all 95 counties. We have more than fifty full-time employees across the state, with access to highly-qualified subcontractors to assist us in any job requirement.
  • As a company, we do away with risks and damages with a Liability Insurance, while we protect our employees with Worker’s Compensation.
  • We provide only the best staff and materials, for any construction assignment, regardless of project size.
  • We also offer our previous client references should you need to ask around.
  • Again, we don’t care whether it’s a minor home renovation project or requires a huge team to complete. Call us anytime for a FREE estimate.